image description
Отель "Виктория-Олимп". Минск. Фото В. Толочко. БЕЛТА
Гатэль "Вікторыя-Алімп". Мінск. Фота В. Тaлочкi. БЕЛТА
Hotel "Victoria-Olymp". Minsk. Photo by V. Tolochko. BELTA
image description
Гостиница "Беларусь". Минск. Фото В. Толочко. БЕЛТА
Гасцініца "Беларусь". Мінск. Фота В. Талочкі. БЕЛТА
Hotel "Belarus". Minsk Photo by V. Tolochko. BELTA
image description
Президент-отель. Минск. Фото А. Дидевича. БЕЛТА
Прэзідэнт-гатэль. Мінск. Фота А. Дзідзевіча. БЕЛТА
President Hotel. Minsk. Photo by A. Didevich. BELTA
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На туристическом маршруте МТЗ. Фото Р. Насибулина. БЕЛТА
На турыстычным маршруце МТЗ. Фота Р. Насібуліна. БЕЛТА
On the tourist route MTZ. Photo by R. Nasibulin. BELTA

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Туркомплекс "Николаевские пруды". Круглянский район. Фото О. Фойницкого. БЕЛТА
Туркомплекс "Мікалаеўскія сажалкі". Круглянскі раён. Фота А. Файнiцкaгa. БЕЛТА
Tourist complex "Nikolaev ponds". Kruglyansky district. Photo by O. Foinitsky. BELTA
image description
Мирский замок. Фото А. Дидевича. БЕЛТА
Мірскі замак. Фота А. Дзiдзевіча. БЕЛТА
Mir Castle. Photo by A. Didevich. BELTA

War and Historical Tourism

From ancient time Belarus has been the scene of hostilities. Many places keep the memory of wars that swept across the country. The republic has preserved castles and temples, holding the defense; monuments and steles were constructed in honor of the significant battles; museums have amassed collections of military history; numerous excursions allow you to visit the fields of past battles that had taken place in different periods on the territory of Belarus.

A number of tourist routes exist across territories of hostilities of the war of 1812. For example, there are seven tourist-excursion directions in the Minsk region, in particular, to the place where Napoleon’s troops had crossed over the Berezina River near the village of Studenka, near Borisav.

The Brest Fortress, one of the most famous places in Belarus, became an outstanding symbol of resistance during the Second World War. The tragic reminder of the horrors of war is also kept by the Khatyn memorial complex, which reminds the descendants of the tragedy of more than 600 Belarusian villages, whose inhabitants were burned alive by the fascist invaders.

The historical and cultural "Stalin Line Complex" is the military history museum under the open sky, contains a unique, most complete exposition in Belarus of all military equipment, artillery, tanks, aircraft and small arms used in various years, and fortifications were recreated.

There are clubs involved in the reconstruction of historical events. Taking part in various festivals, they help to plunge into the atmosphere of the era, when there was a struggle for life, for the independence of their land.

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