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Президентская библиотека Республики Беларусь. Фото со страницы «Беларусь библиотечная»
Прэзідэнцкая бібліятэка Рэспублікі Беларусь. Фота са старонкі «Беларусь бібліятэчная»
Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus. Photo from «The Belarus Library» page
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Центральная научная библиотека имени Якуба Коласа Национальной академии наук Беларуси. Фото со страницы «Беларусь библиотечная»
Цэнтральная навуковая бібліятэка імя Якуба Коласа Нацыянальнай акадэміі навук Беларусі. Фота са старонкі «Беларусь бібліятэчная»
Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Photo from «The Belarus Library» page
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Республиканская научная медицинская библиотека. Фото со страницы «Беларусь библиотечная»
Рэспубліканская навуковая медыцынская бібліятэка. Фота са старонкі «Беларусь бібліятэчная»
Republican Scientific Medical Library. Photo from «The Belarus Library» page
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В Республиканской научно-технической библиотеке. Фото с сайта библиотеки
У Рэспубліканскай навукова-тэхнічнай бібліятэцы. Фота з сайта бібліятэкі
In the Republican Scientific and Technical Library. Photo from the library website
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В Центральной научной библиотеке им. Я. Коласа НАН Беларуси. Фото Г. Жинкова. БЕЛТА
У Цэнтральнай навуковай бібліятэцы імя Я. Коласа НАН Беларусі. Фота Г. Жынкова. БЕЛТА
In the Central Scientific Library named after Y. Kolas of the NAS of Belarus. Photo by Г. Zhinkov. BELTA

Resources on Belarus of republican branch libraries

Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of NAS of Belarus (CSL)

Modern information and library center owning the full collection of national scientific documents of universal profile and the biggest collection of foreign scientific literature in Belarus. The collection of the library counts over 2 mln items. The library is a national center for depository storage of natural science documents.


Virtual exhibitions: "Great Forgotten War", "Field Post Office", "Belarusian Heraldry", "Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of NAS of Belarus. History. Events. People", "For the 440th anniversary of Mamonichi Printing House", "Belarusian publisher Martin Kuhta", etc.

The history of science in the people:

 Information digital resource.

NASB periodicals 

Digital archive of periodicals published by the NAS of Belarus.

Ekologicheskij informacionny'j centr CNB NAN Belarusi «Eko-Info» (Ecological Information Center CSL of NAS of Belarus "Eco-Info")

Complex information resource with free access. It contains information sections, allowing to view the collection of the Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of NAS of Belarus and accumulate Belarusian and foreign websites on ecology, including monthly International environmental bulletin "GREEN BELARUS" in one access point.

Ekologiya i prirodopol'zovanie v Belarusi (Ecology and natural resource management)

The database provides information on ecology and natural resource management documents.

Yazykovedcheskaya belorusistika (Belarusian philology)

The database provides information on major theoretical branches of contemporary Belarusian philology: phonetics, morphology, syntax, lexicology, terminology, stylistics, cognitive and functional linguistics, as well as on the activity of Belarusian and foreign linguists and scientific institutions in the sphere of Belarusian philology.

Repozitorij CNB NAN Belarusi        

Republican Scientific and Technical Library (RLST)

Specialized library of the Republic of Belarus containing the most complete collection of patent, regulatory and technical documents, industrial catalogues and scientific and technical literature in the country.


Belorusskie imena v istorii razvitiya tehniki (Belarusian names in the history of technical development)

Bibliographic digital resource containing information about the natives of Belarus, who significantly contributed to the development of the technical thought worldwide from the beginning of the 16th century to the present day.

Izobretateli Belarusi (Belarusian inventors)

The database contains information about Belarusian scientists and experts of scientific and technical field and industry: biographies, sphere of scientific and production activity, achievements, awards, list of scientific publications, bibliographical descriptions of invention patents and utility models, authors and co-authors of which are as well included in the database.

Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus

Center of information on law, economy and public administration. The collection counts over 1,5 million items.


The Monuments of the history of law in Belarus 

Digital database containing information on constitutional law of the Republic of Belarus. The resource provides full texts of constitutions, which had statutory basis on the Belarusian ethnic lands, legislative acts, international legal acts mandatory for Belarus in a certain historic period, state-legal acts of the supreme governing bodies, local government institutions, etc. The project is implemented by the National Center of Legal Information in cooperation with the Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus and the National Library of Belarus.

Republican Scientific Medical Library (RSML)

National depository of documents on medicine and health protection; information center for library and bibliographic service of scientists and medical experts.


Museum of History of Belarusian Medicine

The resource contains information on the history of museum, exhibitions, remarkable dates in the history of Belarusian medicine.

Zdravoohranenie Belarusi. Katalog organizacij i specialistov (Health protection in Belarus. Catalog of organizations and specialists)

Hypertext factographic database, which contains information on Belarusian health protection institutions, major companies and enterprises operating on Belarusian medical market; leaders and leading experts. Its printed analogue is the catalog "Health protection in Belarus. Institutions. Goods and services. Who is who".

Dostizheniya medicinskoj nauki Belarusi (Achievements of Belarusian medical science)

The full text database contains information on the achievements of medical science since 1995. It includes over 2000 articles. Its printed analogue is the scientific yearbook "Achievements of Belarusian medical science".

Sovremennye metody okazaniya medicinskoj pomoshchi (diagnostiki, lecheniya i medicinskoj profilaktiki zabolevanij, medicinskoj reabilitacii pacientov, protezirovaniya) (Modern methods of medical care (diagnosis, treatment and medical prevention of diseases, medical rehabilitation of patients, prosthetics care)

Hypertext database of instructive and methodical materials about the latest methods of diagnostics, cure and prevention of diseases, organizational forms of work approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. It contains full texts of the instructions.

 I.S. Lupinovich (BelAL) Belarus Agricultural Library

The national information center for agriculture, forestry, food and natural resources provides library and bibliographic service for scientists and industry experts. It is a member of the following international information systems and corporations: AGRIS database of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), AGLINET, AgroWeb CEE (information network for Central and Eastern Europe).


AgroWeb Belarus

The national web navigator on the best internet resources of the country. It constitutes a part of the Belarusian Agricultural Library website and Central and Eastern European AgroWeb Network. AgroWeb Belarus provides access to information on the activity of scientific, educational and information institutions of the agroindustrial complex and links to the national and best foreign internet resources on agriculture and related branches.