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Отель "Виктория-Олимп". Минск. Фото В. Толочко. БЕЛТА
Гатэль "Вікторыя-Алімп". Мінск. Фота В. Тaлочкi. БЕЛТА
Hotel "Victoria-Olymp". Minsk. Photo by V. Tolochko. BELTA
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Гостиница "Беларусь". Минск. Фото В. Толочко. БЕЛТА
Гасцініца "Беларусь". Мінск. Фота В. Талочкі. БЕЛТА
Hotel "Belarus". Minsk Photo by V. Tolochko. BELTA
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Президент-отель. Минск. Фото А. Дидевича. БЕЛТА
Прэзідэнт-гатэль. Мінск. Фота А. Дзідзевіча. БЕЛТА
President Hotel. Minsk. Photo by A. Didevich. BELTA
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На туристическом маршруте МТЗ. Фото Р. Насибулина. БЕЛТА
На турыстычным маршруце МТЗ. Фота Р. Насібуліна. БЕЛТА
On the tourist route MTZ. Photo by R. Nasibulin. BELTA

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Туркомплекс "Николаевские пруды". Круглянский район. Фото О. Фойницкого. БЕЛТА
Туркомплекс "Мікалаеўскія сажалкі". Круглянскі раён. Фота А. Файнiцкaгa. БЕЛТА
Tourist complex "Nikolaev ponds". Kruglyansky district. Photo by O. Foinitsky. BELTA
image description
Мирский замок. Фото А. Дидевича. БЕЛТА
Мірскі замак. Фота А. Дзiдзевіча. БЕЛТА
Mir Castle. Photo by A. Didevich. BELTA

Tourism in Belarus

Tourism is one of the priorities of Belarusian social and economic development.

Situated at the intersection of European routes West – East and Nord – South Belarus has an advantageous geographical position. It possesses rich natural potential: forest, lake-forest, river-forest ecosystems, including natural monuments, plants and animals, natural therapeutic resources, hunting and fishing areas, picturesque landscapes with the facilities for hiking, horse, bicycle and water tours, rest and health improvement in natural environment.

Numerous tourist routes have been developed and are being used on the territory of the country. It includes familiarization with the objects of historical and cultural heritage and natural potential. Belarusian travel companies offer a variety of tours, depending on the purpose of visiting the country: cultural, educational, pilgrim, business, health promotion, unique nature, hunting or fishing admiration. Today, industrial tourism is becoming more and more popular: Belarusian enterprises acquaint tourists with their history, technological processes, products, talk about international cooperation and development prospects.

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