image description
Трехкратный олимпийский чемпион А. Медведь награжден медалью «За выдающиеся заслуги». Фото Н. Петрова. БЕЛТА
Трохразовы Алімпійскі чэмпіён А. Мядзведзь узнагароджаны медалём «За выдатныя заслугі». Фота М. Пятрова. БЕЛТА
Three-time Olympic champion A. Medved was awarded the Medal for Distinguished Service. Photo by N. Petrov. BELTA
image description
Хоккейная баталия. Фото Л. Щеглова. БЕЛТА
Хакейная баталія. Фота Л. Шчаглова. БЕЛТА
Hockey battle. Photo by L. Scheglov. BELTA
image description
Музейный комплекс старинных народных ремесел и технологий "Дудутки". Фото БЕЛТА
Музейны комплекс старадаўніх народных рамёстваў і тэхналогій "Дудуткі". Фота БЕЛТА
Museum complex of ancient folk crafts and technologies "Dudutki". BELTA photo
image description
Окрестности агроусадьбы "Озерная". Гомельская область. Фото С. Холодилина. БЕЛТА
Ваколіцы аграсядзібы "Азёрная". Гомельская вобласць. Фота С. Халадзіліна. БЕЛТА
Surroundings of the Ozernaya agriturismo. Gomel region. Photo by S. Kholodilin. BELTA
image description
Электропоезд бизнес-класса связывает Минск с регионами Беларуси. Фото БЕЛТА
Электрацягнік бізнес-класа звязвае Мінск з рэгіёнамі Беларусі. Фота БЕЛТА
A business class electric train connects Minsk with the regions of Belarus. BELTA photo
image description
"Рыцарский фэст" в Мстиславле. Фото О. Фойницкого. БЕЛТА
"Рыцарскі фэст" у Мсціслаўлі. Фота А. Файніцкага. БЕЛТА
"Knight Fest" in Mstislavl. Photo by O. Foinitsky. BELTA
image description
Замковый комплекс "Мир". Фото Л. Щеглова. БЕЛТА
Замкавы комплекс "Мір". Фота Л. Шчаглова. БЕЛТА
Castle complex "Mir". Photo by L. Scheglov. BELTA
image description
День без автомобиля в Минске. Фото М. Гучека. БЕЛТА
Дзень без аўтамабіля ў Мінску. Фота М. Гучэка. БЕЛТА
Day without a car in Minsk. Photo by M. Gucek. BELTA
image description
Площадь Независимости. Минск
Плошча Незалежнасці. Мінск
Ploshchad' Nezavisimosti. Minsk

Sport and Tourism

The development of physical culture, sport and tourism is one of the most important directions of state economic and social policy, efficient instrument of nation’s health improvement and reinforcement of the international image of the Republic of Belarus. All the abovementioned determined the adoption of State program of physical culture and sports development in the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020, which provides an effective strategy of development of physical culture, sport and tourism in our country.

The problems of the nation’s health preservation and formation of youth aspirations for the healthy lifestyle are the major social and economic tasks of the Belarusian state. The future of our country largely depends on their solving. The organization of physical training, health-improving and sport activities based on traditional and latest technologies and a number of modern sports facilities make Belarus an attractive venue for competitions of national and international level.

The tourism is an integral part of health care, physical culture; it helps to familiarize people with history, culture, customs, intellectual and spiritual values of different countries and their peoples.

The advantageous geographical and transport location of Belarus, situated on the crossroads of tour itineraries Western Europe – Russia and Scandinavia – Asia gives chance to the tourists from all over the world to see the monuments of Belarusian history and culture, its natural attractions, old religious buildings and to get to know national traditions.

The country’s rich natural resources provide effective in the natural surroundings rest, health improvement and medical treatment, allow enterprises to organize hunting and fishing tours, interesting water and hiking trips.

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Sports and Tourism Ministry of the Republic of Belarus

National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus



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