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XXVIII Международный форум по информационно-коммуникационным технологиям "ТИБО-2022".
XXVIII Міжнародны форум па інфармацыйна-камунікацыйных тэхналогіях "ТИБО-2022".
XXVIII International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies "TIBO-2022".
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Выставка книг ЦНБ НАН Беларуси к конференции РИНТИ-2019. Фото Л. Тупчиенко-Кадыровой
Выстава кніг ЦНБ НАН Беларусі да канферэнцыі РИНТИ-2019. Фота Л. Тупчыенка-Кадыравай
Exhibition of books of the CSL of the NAS of Belarus for the RINTI-2019 conference. Photo by L. Tupchienko-Kadyrova
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На «Славянском базаре». Витебск. Фото А. Хитрова. БЕЛТА
На «Славянскім базары». Віцебск. Фота А. Хітрова. БЕЛТА
On the «Slavyanskiy bazar». Vitebsk. Photo by A. Khitrov. BELTA
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Национальная библиотека Беларуси. Фото Л. Тупчиенко-Кадыровой
Нацыянальная бібліятэка Беларусі. Фота Л. Тупчыенка-Кадыравай
National Library of Belarus. Photo by L. Tupchiienko-Kadyrova
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Арт-центр Марка Шагала. Витебск. Фото А. Хитрова. БЕЛТА
Арт-цэнтр Марка Шагала. Віцебск. Фота А. Хітрова. БЕЛТА
Art Center Marc Chagall. Vitebsk. Photo by A. Khitrov. BELTA
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Бизнес-форум. Фото О. Манчук. БЕЛТА
Бізнес-форум. Фота А. Манчук. БЕЛТА
Business Forum. Photo by O. Manchuk. BELTA

International Events in Belarus

Every year, the Republic of Belarus becomes the venue for hundreds of business and scientific events, cultural events and festivals, sports events of various directions and levels. Many of them have already become traditional, have held more than a dozen years and have won high recognition and a large audience. The main goals of the events are to discuss the main issues of economic and cultural development, identify new opportunities, trends and strategies in the field of industry, exchange experiences, expand ties, to establish international contacts. The participants of the events indicate that our country is becoming an increasingly attractive and convenient platform for conducting business negotiations with representatives of foreign companies on trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation, for organizing scientific events, theater, music and other cultural forums and meetings. The number of participants of international events is constantly growing.

The organization and holding of scientific seminars, conferences, symposia and congresses is an opportunity to discuss the achieved scientific results in the course of live communication between scientists and specialists, to establish direct contacts in order to exchange experience and develop further cooperation. The topics of scientific events largely reflect the priority areas of scientific research of the Republic of Belarus. These are energy, information technology and electronics, medicine and pharmacy, chemical synthesis and products, biological systems and technologies, agriculture and food safety, ecology and nature management, etc.

In recent years, the event industry began to develop in our country. The industry’s becoming more and more professional by practicing business meetings and business negotiations in the B2B and B2C format and including visiting the enterprises. The accumulated experience in this direction indicates that the more interesting events of an international scale take place in our country, the more attractive we become for foreign experts and travel enthusiasts.

The calendar of the most important events presented on the website includes scientific conferences, seminars, forums, trade fairs, major cultural events and festivals, as well as sports events and international championships to be held in Belarus.

Detailed information about international events by years can be viewed on the Russian or Belarusian versions of this site.

Welcome to Belarus!