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Детский кардиохирургический центр. Минск. Фото О. Манчук. БЕЛТА
Дзіцячы кардыяхірургічны цэнтр. Мінск. Фота А. Манчук. БЕЛТА
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Center. Minsk. Photo by O. Manchuk. BELTA
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На озере Нарочь. Фото О. Манчук. БЕЛТА
На возеры Нарач. Фота А. Манчук. БЕЛТА
On the lake Naroch. Photo by O. Manchuk. BELTA
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Операция в Детском кардиохирургическом центре. Минск. Фото О. Манчук. БЕЛТА
Аперацыя ў Дзіцячым кардыяхірургічным цэнтры. Менск. Фота О. Манчук. БЕЛТА
The operation at the Children's Cardiac Surgery Center. Minsk. Photo by O. Manchuk. BELTA
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Санаторно-курортный комплекс "Плиса". Глубокский район. Фото А. Хитрова. БЕЛТА
Санаторна-курортны комплекс "Пліса". Глыбоцкі раён. Фота А. Хітрова. БЕЛТА
Sanatorium complex "Plisa". Glubokoe district. Photo by A. Khitrov. BELTA
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Санаторий "Белая Вежа". Каменецкий район. Фото Е. Гараевой. БЕЛТА
Санаторый "Белая Вежа". Камянецкі раён. Фота К. Гараевай. БЕЛТА
Sanatorium " Belaya Vezha". Kamenets district. Photo by E. Garayeva. BELTA

Medical and Recreational Tourism

One of the major assets of rest in Belarus is a possibility to combine it with a qualified treatment and preventive care of different diseases in health centers, sanatoriums and touristic complexes.

Today Belarusian health resorts represent a harmony of natural and medical factors and powerful medical and diagnostic basis, equipped with modern medical facilities. Almost all Belarusian sanatoriums use water from their own mineral springs and wells, as well as sapropelic and peat mud.

Some sanatoriums offer up to 200 kinds of medical service. Effective physiotherapeutic treatment is provided due to the modern equipment. Today Belarusian sanatoriums use a lot of different SPA-technologies.

The touristic infrastructure in recreational areas is being constantly modernized: the entertainment industry is developing, new tour itineraries appear.

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