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ОАО «ЦУМ Минск». Фото БЕЛТА
ААТ «ЦУМ Мінск». Фота БЕЛТА
JSC «Central Department Store Minsk». BELTA photo
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На выставке "Made in Belarus". Астана. Фото О. Манчук. БЕЛТА
На выставе "Made in Belarus". Астана. Фота А Манчук. БЕЛТА
At the exhibition "Made in Belarus". Astana. Photo by O. Manchuk. BELTA
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ОАО «ГУМ». Минск. Фото БЕЛТА
ААТ «ДУМ». Мінск. Фота БЕЛТА
JSC "GUM". Minsk. BELTA photo
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Международная выставка-ярмарка Продэкспо-2014 в Минске. Фото БЕЛТА
Міжнародная выстава-кірмаш Прадэкспа-2014 у Мінску. Фота БЕЛТА
International Exhibition-Fair Prodexpo 2014 in Minsk. BELTA photo
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Подземный торговый центр “Столица”. Фото БЕЛТА
Падземны гандлёвы цэнтр "Сталіца". Фота БЕЛТА
Underground shopping center " Stolitsa". BELTA photo


Trade remains one of the most important sectors of the economy and is developing today more than ever dynamically and rapidly. Belarus has a broad legislative framework for trade and trading companies. Among the main ones, there are laws on investment, free economic zones, import and export control, health and safety, antitrust. The country has established and operates a national system of consumer protection. Its structure includes the governing bodies, state and public organizations.

In recent years there is a growing number of shopping and business centers, hotels and fast food restaurants in Belarus. Especially noticeable is the increase in retail chains with the opening of private shopping centers up to 100 000 sq. m. in area.

On capital’s consumer market more that 30 retail chains compete in food segment: Korona, Gippo, Sosedi, Evroopt, Vitalur, ALMI, BelMarket etc.

Presently there are about twenty hypermarkets within the city limits:  ProStore,  Sosedi, Green, Ома, Materik, Мile, BIGZZ, etc.

Belarus maintains trade relations with many countries of the world. The main trading partner is the Russian Federation.

Belarus rapidly develops electronic commerce as one of the ways to raise competitive capacity of enterprises and to expand into new markets of goods and services. The majority of firms in the republic are already engaged into electronic commerce, as online sale is the most attractive way of applying internet technologies in business. Using the Internet, enterprises receive additional opportunities to enter the external market, expand distribution channels, create an effective system of interaction between suppliers and buyers.

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