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Микроэлектроника. Фото М. Гучека. БЕЛТА
Мікраэлектроніка. Фота М. Гучака. БЕЛТА
Microelectronics. Photo by M. Guchek. BELTA
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Новая разработка компании beCloud . Фото Р. Насибулина. БЕЛТА
Новая распрацоўкаккампані і beCloud. Фота Р. Насібуліна. БЕЛТА
New development of company beCloud. Photo by R. Nasibulin. BELTA
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Вручение интернет-премии "ТИБО-2017". Минск. Фото М. Гучека. БЕЛТА
Уручэнне інтэрнэт-прэміі "ТИБО-2017". Мінск. Фота М. Гучака. БЕЛТА
Presentation of the Internet award "TIBO-2017". Minsk. Photo by M. Gucek. BELTA
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А. Лукашенко в офисе ООО "Бануба Девелопмент". Фото Н. Петрова.БЕЛТА
А. Лукашэнка ў офісе ТАА "Бануба Девелопмент". Фото М. Пятрова.БЕЛТА
A. Lukashenko in the office of Banuba Development LLC. Photo by N. Petrov. BELTA
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Парк высоких технологий. Минск. Фото БЕЛТА
Парк высокіх тэхналогій. Мінск. Фота БЕЛТА
High technology park. Minsk. BELTA photo

Information Technologies

The Information technologies (IT) sector is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the Republic of Belarus. At this stage Belarus has almost reached the leader (Hungary) in software production in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and became one of the largest suppliers of software in the world. Orders come mainly from the USA, European Union and Russia.

Belarus takes part in the programs on development of information and communication technologies (ICT) of such international organizations as the United Nations, International Telecommunication Union and CIS Regional Commonwealth in the field of communications, which provides substantial advisory and technical support for the elaboration of IT development strategy.

A comprehensive regulatory framework as well as law enforcement and organizational measures to implement the World Summit on the Information Society resolutions, including the development of information and communication technologies, were created in Belarus.

The High-Tech Park (HTP) was established in Belarus with a view to raising competitiveness of innovative industries, improving conditions for designing modern technologies and boosting export, raising local and foreign investments.

Belarusian specialists are involved in various IT projects, from system analysis, consulting, and hardware selection to the development of composite systems.

Software produced by the HTP resident companies is used by Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Google, Toyota, Citibank, MTV, Expedia, Reuters, Samsung, HTC, Mitsubishi, British Petroleum, British Telecom, the London Stock Exchange, the World Bank, etc. In 2011 a major IT publication, Global Services, put six resident companies of the Belarusian High-Tech Park into the world top 100 providers of IT services. For five years running HTP resident companies have been included in the list of leading providers of software "Software 500" compiled by an influential IT publication "Software Magazine". HTP resident companies compete successfully in high-tech markets of North America and Western Europe.

The prerequisites of dynamic development of the IT sphere in the Republic of Belarus are:

  • advantageous geographical location;
  • offices of the largest IT companies (IBA GROUP, Epam  etc.) in the republic;
  • active state support of the IT services sector;
  • orientation of the Belarusian domestic market to familiarization with the advanced information technologies.

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