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Торгово-развлекательный центр Dana Mall. Минск. Фото О. Манчук. БЕЛТА
Гандлёва-забаўляльны цэнтр Dana Mall. Мінск. Фота О. Манчук. БЕЛТА
Shopping and entertainment center Dana Mall. Minsk. Photo by O. Manchuk. BELTA
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В ОАО "БМЗ" реализуются инвестиционные проекты. Фото Г. Семенова. БЕЛТА
У ААТ “БМЗ” рэалізуюцца інвестыцыйныя праекты. Фота Г. Сямёнава. БЕЛТА
Investment projects are being implemented at "BMZ". Photo by G. Semenov. BELTA
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Беларусь и Китай создают фонд венчурных инвестиций. Фото Г. Жинкова. БЕЛТА
Беларусь і Кітай ствараюць фонд венчурных інвестыцый. Фота Г. Жинкова. БЕЛТА
Belarus and China create a venture capital fund. Photo by G. Zhinkov. BELTA
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Беларусь и Китай создают центр развития инновационных технологий. Фото Г. Жинкова. БЕЛТА
Беларусь і Кітай ствараюць цэнтр развіцця інавацыйных тэхналогій. Фота Г. Жинкова. БЕЛТА
Belarus and China create a center for the development of innovative technologies. Photo by G. Zhinkov. BELTA

Investment Activity

Investment activity in the Republic of Belarus is based on the Investment Code of the Republic of Belarus  and is provided in the following forms:

  • formation of legal entity;
  • taking ownership of property or property rights, namely: share in authorized fund of legal person including cases of increase of the authorized fund of the legal person; immovable property; securities; intellectual property objects rights; concessions; equipment; other basic assets.

The present Code defines general legal conditions of carrying out the investment activity in the Republic of Belarus and is directed at the stimulation of state support as well as at the protection of the investors\' rights on the territory of Belarus.

The work on the improvement of investment terms is constantly conducted in the republic. It is furthered by a series of circumstances: advantageous economic and geographic position of the country, attractive investment climate, well-developed infrastructure, availability of skilled workforce.

As a rule, foreign credits attracted into the country are purpose-oriented and intended for the economic restructuring, modernization of operating enterprises, increase in the output of consumer goods. The most perspective industries for the influx of foreign capital are: electronics, automotive industry, petrochemistry, building, wood processing, production of consumer goods and food products, recycling, production of medical equipment, etc.

In the process of investment activity, including the implementation of investment projects, investors are entitled to receive state support: guarantees, exemptions and preferences in order to stimulate attraction of investments into the economy of the Republic of Belarus.

State support of investment activity is made as arrangement of:

  • tax and customs privileges;
  • guarantees of the government of the Republic of Belarus;
  • centralized investment funds.

The National Agency of Investment and Privatization is a state organization established for attracting foreign direct investments into the Republic of Belarus. The aim of the Agency is to improve investment image of Belarus abroad, promote foreign investment projects in the country.

Agency fulfils some functions of privatization bodies on certain objects, namely:

  • attraction of specialists to perform privatization works;
  • participation in preparing draft resolutions on privatization of the shares owned by the state;
  • drawing up offers on the method and conditions of privatization objects sale;
  • establishment of a commission to hold auction sales;
  • submission of complaints on the disputes arising from privatization contracts.

List of companies targeted for privatization, in respect of which the Agency fulfils functions on privatization, is approved by the Government in coordination with the President of the Republic of Belarus.

Belarusian Fund for Financial Support of Entrepreneurs conducts activities on the following lines:

  • participation in development, carrying out expert examination, competitive selection and implementation of state, branch and regional programs;
  • support of small business innovative activity, stimulation of development and production of brand new product lines, assistance in new technologies mastering, use of patents, licenses, know-how;
  • assistance in attracting national and foreign investments for implementation of primary directions of activity on creation of competitive environment, development of small business, etc.

IPM-Consult is a team of professionals who provide a wide spectrum of consulting services, promoting the development of business in the Republic of Belarus. Its main business lines are: consulting in corporate finance; valuation activity; legal services; management and investment consulting.

The First Investment Portal of Belarus on all worthy investment propositions in the area of business projects, auctions of sale of the state property, major objects of commercial property, sales and privatization of property complexes and providing assistance to foreign investors to get started in Belarus.

Pro Biznes (Pro Business) is an information portal for everybody who is interested in Belarusian business. The project "Doing Business" offers detailed subnational reports, containing the in-depth analysis on business regulation and reforms in different towns and regions of the country. The project rating includes 189 countries.

The Investment Atlas of Minsk provides information about Minsk, the city's investment potential and opportunities for business development.