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Отель "Виктория-Олимп". Минск. Фото В. Толочко. БЕЛТА
Гатэль "Вікторыя-Алімп". Мінск. Фота В. Тaлочкi. БЕЛТА
Hotel "Victoria-Olymp". Minsk. Photo by V. Tolochko. BELTA
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Гостиница "Беларусь". Минск. Фото В. Толочко. БЕЛТА
Гасцініца "Беларусь". Мінск. Фота В. Талочкі. БЕЛТА
Hotel "Belarus". Minsk Photo by V. Tolochko. BELTA
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Президент-отель. Минск. Фото А. Дидевича. БЕЛТА
Прэзідэнт-гатэль. Мінск. Фота А. Дзідзевіча. БЕЛТА
President Hotel. Minsk. Photo by A. Didevich. BELTA
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На туристическом маршруте МТЗ. Фото Р. Насибулина. БЕЛТА
На турыстычным маршруце МТЗ. Фота Р. Насібуліна. БЕЛТА
On the tourist route MTZ. Photo by R. Nasibulin. BELTA

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Туркомплекс "Николаевские пруды". Круглянский район. Фото О. Фойницкого. БЕЛТА
Туркомплекс "Мікалаеўскія сажалкі". Круглянскі раён. Фота А. Файнiцкaгa. БЕЛТА
Tourist complex "Nikolaev ponds". Kruglyansky district. Photo by O. Foinitsky. BELTA
image description
Мирский замок. Фото А. Дидевича. БЕЛТА
Мірскі замак. Фота А. Дзiдзевіча. БЕЛТА
Mir Castle. Photo by A. Didevich. BELTA

Active Tourism

Active, or adventure tourism is a form of tourism associated with outdoor pursuits and involving emotional relaxation due to physical activity.

Belarus is good for hiking and cycling tourism. During the hikes, the participants have the opportunity to see the colorful villages with ancient buildings, unique historical places, beautiful landscapes, to get a long-term energy boost.

Belarus always welcomes lovers of kayaks trips. This is one of the most interesting ways to get acquainted with the Belarusian nature. Equestrian tourism is a summer activity. Fans of hunting and fishing in Belarus will be pleased with the rich forest and water resources.

The Republican Tourist and Sports Union is engaged in the development of sports tourism in the country, and invites fans of mountain peaks, rafting on rough rivers, descending into caves and other types of tourism requiring special training and equipment.

In recent years, ski tourism has been actively developing in the republic.

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