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Многофункциональный спортивный комплекс "Чижовка-Арена". Минск. Фото А. Покумейко. БЕЛТА
Шматфункцыянальны спартыўны комплекс "Чыжоўка-Арэна". Мінск. Фота А. Пакумейкi. БЕЛТА
Multifunctional sports complex "Chizhovka Arena". Minsk. Photo by A. Pokumeyko. BELTA
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Дворец спорта "Уручье". Минск. Фото А. Покумейко. БЕЛТА
Палац спорту "Уручча". Мінск. Фота А. Пакумейкі. БЕЛТА
Palace of Sports "Uruchye". Minsk. Photo by A. Pokumeyko. BELTA
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Стадион "Борисов-Арена". Борисов. Фото М. Гучека. БЕЛТА
Стадыён "Барысаў-Арэна". Барысаў. Фота М. Гучака. БЕЛТА
Stadium "Borisov Arena". Borisov. Photo by M. Gucek. BELTA
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Стадион cпортивного комплекса "Борисов-Арена". Борисов. Фото БЕЛТА
Стадыён спартыўнага комплексу "Барысаў-Арэна". Барысаў. Фота БЕЛТА
Stadium sports complex "Borisov Arena". Borisov. BELTA photo
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Дворец гимнастики. Могилев. Фото О. Фойницкого. БЕЛТА
Палац гімнастыкі. Магілёў. Фота А. Файніцкага. БЕЛТА
Palace of gymnastics. Mogilyov. Photo by O. Foinitsky. BELTA
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Дворец спорта. Минск. Фото Г. Жинкова. БЕЛТА
Палац спорту. Мінск. Фота Г. Жынкова. БЕЛТА
Palace of Sports. Minsk. Photo by G. Zhinkov. BELTA
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Дворец тенниса. Минск. Фото В. Толочко. БЕЛТА
Палац тэніса. Мінск. Фота В. Талочкі. БЕЛТА
Palace of Tennis. Minsk. Photo by V. Tolochko. BELTA

Sports facilities

In the Republic of Belarus there are a number of world-class sports facilities for professional athletes and sport amateurs.

Respublikanskij centr olimpijskoj podgotovki po zimnim vidam sporta «Raubichi» (The national winter Olympic training center "Raubichi") disposes a roller ski track, over 20km of ski tracks, modern shooting grounds, ski jumps, a freestyle slope, a slalom track, gyms, an ice hockey arena and other facilities. The Raubichi center is an ideal training ground for biathletes, skiers, freestylers, skaters, ski jumpers, Nordic combined skiers. The national winter Olympic training center Raubichi has a UIPMB certificate. In 1996 the International Biathlon Union awarded the highest category to the center and licensed Raubichi to host top-level competitions without any exceptions.

Olimpijskij sportivny'j kompleks «Stajki» (The Olympic training complex "Staiky") is the largest sports facility in the country where Belarusian national teams in more than 20 sports train for European and world championships, Olympic Games. The sports facility meets international standards and is considered a high-quality training center. Since the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich Belarusian athletes have come to Staiky to gear up for Summer Olympic Games.

Gornoly'zhny'j kompleks-kurort «Logojsk» (The alpine skiing center "Logoisk") is not worse by its characteristics than the famous European resorts. Since 2004 the center has provided European-quality services to amateur alpine skiers and snowboarders. The complex is famous for authentic Belarusian architecture with Alpine elements. There are several tracks for beginners and skilled athletes. The alpine skiing center is open all the year round. The complex has indoor tennis courts, a football field, volleyball courts and a sauna.

Respublikanskij centr olimpijskoj podgotovki konnogo sporta i konevodstva v Ratomke (The national equestrian Olympic training center in Ratomka) meets all international standards. It has an outdoor sand manege, a show jumping field, four indoor fields, two gyms, six outdoor training grounds, a triathlon track, a number of stables. The equestrian center in Ratomka is the only facility in the CIS which provides centralized training for children and the youth. That is why Belarusian junior teams often win competitions and tournaments against other teams from the CIS, Baltic states and Eastern Europe.

Respublikanskij gornoly'zhny'j centr «Silichi» (The national alpine skiing center "Silichi") is a pride of the Belarusian tourism industry. It was inaugurated in 2005. Designers of the alpine skiing center took full advantage of the local hilly landscape. The existing natural terrain had a 76 m drop from top to bottom. With a bedding of 30 m, the slopes are steep, there is a difference up to 100 m, that allows to use it for speed skiing. Silichi has a hotel complex and a gym which is used as an indoor ice rink in winter.

The multifunctional complex "MinskArena" is one of the largest sports facilities in Europe. The sports and entertainment center includes all the necessary for activities of 30 sports. There are a 15000-capacity ice rink, a 3000-capacity speed skating track, a 2000-capacity bicycle track, a multi-level parking and administrative buildings. IIHF officials and international ice hockey stars highly appreciated the Minsk Arena. The sports complex was the main venue for the 2014 IIHF World Championship.

Mnogofunkcional'ny'j kul'turno-sportivny'j i razvlekatel'ny'j kompleks «Chizhovka-Arena» (The multifunctional complex "Chizhovka Arena") is the 10,000-capacity complex. Chizhovka Arena is the second venue for the 2014 IIHF World Championship and the main arena for the ice hockey club "Yunost Minsk".