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Логистический субпарк в “Великом Камне”. Фото БЕЛТА
Лагістычны субпарк ў “Вялікім Камені”. Фота БЕЛТА
Logistics sub park in the “Great Stone”. BELTA photo
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В Национальном аэропорту “Минск”. Фото БЕЛТА
У Нацыянальным аэрапорце "Мінск". Фота БЕЛТА
At the National Airport “Minsk”. BELTA photo
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Электропоезд бизнес-класса InterCity. Фото БЕЛТА
Электрацягнік бізнес-класа InterCity. Фота БЕЛТА
InterCity business train. BELTA photo
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Логистический центр сети "Евроопт". Барановичи. Фото Н. Абложей. БЕЛТА
Лагістычны цэнтр сеткі "Еўраопт". Баранавічы. Фота Н. Аблажэй. БЕЛТА
Logistic center of the network "Euroopt". Baranovichi. Photo by N. Ablozhey. BELTA
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Торгово-логистический центр РУП "Кристалл". Минский район. Фото Г. Жинкова. БЕЛТА
Гандлёва-лагістычны цэнтр РУП "Крышталь". Мінскі раён. Фота Г. Жынкова. БЕЛТА
Trade and Logistics Center RUE "Crystal". Minsk region. Photo by G. Zhinkov. BELTA

Transport and Logistics

The Republic of Belarus is an important transport corridor connecting west with east, regions of Black Sea coast with Baltic countries. For this reason our country pays considerable attention to the development of logistics and freight transport system.

Belarus has a ramified road network, which provides an all-year connection with all the inhabited localities. The republic occupies the 15th place worldwide in the density of public roads on a per square kilometer basis and 12th  in their mileage per a thousand people.

The railway mileage is equal to 5500 km. The Belarusian railway actively cooperates with international transport organizations.

The Minsk National Airport is the largest airport of the republic. There are also airports "Gomel", "Brest", "Grodno", "Vitebsk", "Mogilev".

Main oil and gas pipelines pass through the territory of Belarus. Pipelines are high-powered efficient systems.

The National Logistic System Development Program 20162020 was adopted in 2016. Due to the Program implementation, the output of logistic services, especially in the sphere of transport and logistic centers construction, is actively growing.

The Program is aimed at effective integration of the national logistic system into the international system of financial and labour resources distribution, raise of country’s transit attractiveness, rise of yield from export of logistic services.

As of the end of 2019, 60 logistics centers of various orientations function in the Republic of Belarus. The area of the premises provided to them is over 500 thousand square meters.

Belarusian Portal of Freight Transport  ALC "Modern Logistic Systems" provides transport and logistic services. Over 22 000 companies use the system daily. There are over 55 000 registered companies on the portal.

Association of International Road Carriers "BAMAP"   is a republican, nonprofit, voluntary association of commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs providing the transportation of freights and (or) passengers by road transport in national and international traffic, organizations assisting the development of such transportations, lease holders.

LLC "Resurscontrol" is a system of satellite-based monitoring and motor transport fuel control. The system was developed and passed all the necessary laboratory researches and years-long road tests under actual operating conditions in the territory of CIS countries. The system is unique: a five-year factory warranty on subscriber terminal, possibility of installation of several SIM-cards, accurate location data and a build-in accelerometer, which allows analyzing driving style.

RUE "Beltamozhservice" is the largest operator on the logistic services market. The logistic activity in the republic is based on the creation of departmental logistic system with the application of latest IT-technologies, 3LP providers and developed infrastructures in all the country’s regions.

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