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January 30

The successes of the Soviet army. Enterprise recovery. Reconstruction plan of Brest. An exhibition of literature at the State Library of the BSSR named after  Lenin. The newspaper "Zvyazda" (No. 20).

The Red Army was successfully and rapidly advancing. By this day, the Dombrowski coal basin in southern Poland and part of the industrial area of ​​German Upper Silesia were completely cleared of enemy troops. The report of the Sovinformburo reported the seizure by the 1st Baltic Front of Klaipeda and 150 settlements in East Prussia, the 1st Ukrainian Front - Katowice and other cities in Poland. The 4th Ukrainian Front fought for Budapest, and the 1st Belorussian Front - in the Poznan area. (Zvyazda, No. 20).

The newspapers have not yet reported, but it was on this day on the Baltic Sea that the Soviet submarine S-13 sank the enemy transport Wilhelm Gustloff.

In Belarus, recovery is in full swing. Already working Bobruisk city power station, Smilovichi tannery. The Rudensky Industrial Plant is expanding its product range. It is planned not only to restore, but also to improve the infrastructure of cities. Residents of modern Brest can compare how the architects' dream of reconstructing Brest came true: a newspaper article describes the plan for the construction of new buildings, projects of the triumphal and central squares, and the main avenue.

And in the State Library. IN AND. Lenin (now the National Library of Belarus) in the winter January days of 1945 opened a book exhibition dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. It presented books on history and literature, reference books, photographs and posters. A large section was devoted to the modern army. On separate stands there is literature about the glorious sons of their native land, Heroes of the Soviet Union Gastello, Dovator, and the partisan movement. (Zvyazda, No. 20).

There were 100 days left until the Victory ...

The author of the publication: L. Tupchienko-Kadyrova, NBB Corporate Relations Department.